Superawesome has been helping people from all over the world, with design since 2007.

Over the years we've worked with companies of all sizes, from single founder startups coming to us with nothing more than a moonshot idea, to big corporate clients needing help with integrating design into their day-to-day.
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While we are primarily a digital product design shop, we cover a wide range of design and development services which we deploy depending on our clients' needs and requirements. 

Our main office is in Novi Sad, Serbia (SE Europe) which puts us right in the middle of the time zone spectrum making it easier to work with people far away.

When it comes to working with clients we've always been remote-first, while our staff is split between working remotely, and using our office as their workplace. Remote work is something that is second nature to us, and we have all the tools and know-how to do it.

Novi Sad + Niš + Beograd + Kragujevac

We're completely aware how difficult it can be to work with creatives. Let us take the lead and help you make the right decisions, so the end result is a sure success.


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design and creative production is not something you should be losing sleep over. that's our job.

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Design is a straight-forward task provided you know what the problem, and the wanted outcomes are. In other words, if you as a client know exactly what you want, almost anybody can blindly execute on such a well-defined task. As such, the service of design has been commoditized to a great extent. 

Since we are assuming good design work as a starting point and not the goal, we are focusing on delivering results in environments which are challenging for creative work and production. Creating things in this context — and not to mention educating, distributing, maintaining, and sharing products of said work — requires a different approach, and a completely different set of skills. This kind of service of creative production is impossible to commoditize. 

It's not unusual for clients to approach us with a request for a specific thing which they believe is the solution to their problem — a website, an app, a better logo — more often than not end up with something else entirely. This is because our method requires us to work from the bottom up in order to first identify the problem, and only then decide what the solution should be, and in which form it should be implemented.

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designers after all

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As a design agency we're still “making stuff”, and designing experiences for people using digital products and services. 

The end results of our work are still user interfaces, websites, logos, and marketing materials. These are the things you are probably familiar with. 

However, we care deeply about how our work continues to live on, and continues to remain useful within our clients' organizations. This is why we also deliver things such as design systems and documentation, and continue to support our clients through a post-engagement programs of in-house staff training, and consultations. 

When you stop working with us, you don't have to worry about losing work, or transferring knowledge. We got you. 
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