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We make websites.

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We make software products, and websites not suck.

Design is something that will make or break your product in today's market. Aesthetically pleasing — not to mention usable — products are something people have come to expect by default.

Since 2007 we've been fortunate enough to work with a wide variety of organizations. From startups, to Big Co's, including many wonderful individuals and one-man-show operations, and helped them achieve success through design.

In order to understand the problems we are usually solving for our customers better, we built a product of our own.

It's called Funnel and it's an online service that helps small businesses and individuals handle work related inquiries, and customer information. We like to think of it as a “CRM for the rest of us”.

You can sign up for free and test it out. It works with your Gmail or Google Apps account.

We are small.

Super small. If you choose to work with us, you'll be working with us. No middle men.

Opal Kelly

Improving the Opal Kelly's website, and making an easy to use UI for their software product “Pins”

We do user interface.

No back-end, no marketing, no SEO. We craft exceptional user experiences.


We helped Aligni make what is usually a complicated process — manufacturing management of electrical components — as easy and as enjoyable as possible.

We deliver.

We worked with bootstrapped startups, as well as bigger companies. We got this.

The team.

We are a small team of designers operating from our company office based in Novi Sad, Serbia (GMT+1), but our customers are located all over the world.

Superawesøme is:

  • Danijel Grabez
  • Stefan Stanojevic
  • Dragan Babic
  • Marko Manojlovic

In order to bring the best value possible to our customers, we also partner with some of the finest folks around, mostly for areas that are outside of our core expertise such as backend programming, complex CMS integrations and plugin development, large branding projects, etc.

Looking for work?

Are you a maker? Enthusiastic about new technologies, apps, and awesome things?

If you're interested in working with us please send an inquiry about an internship, a permanent full time position, or contract-based work.

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  • We're DaFED's Silver Sponsor of the Year

    DaFED is a monthly meetup in our home town Novi Sad for designers developers. This year we've been participating in their sponsorship program as we truly believe in their cause, and they sure proved it considering the results they have achieved in the local community.

    Thank you DaFED!

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Superawesøme apparently chose the right name, because it's consistently how I would describe their work, along with the experience of working with them.

Robby Berthume, Bull & Beard co-founder and CEO

As the CEO of Bull & Beard and a digital matchmaker working with a myriad of agencies and brands, I've had the pleasure of working with their team and can't say enough about the intersection of quality and speed they deliver on.

They're easy to reach, fun to communicate with, and are dedicated and reliable. Most of all, I know my clients are safe in their hands… the biggest issue is getting on their calendar since they stay booked up!

I would highly recommend them to any client looking for the best in UI/UX design, visual design, illustration and front-end development. They certainly have made my clients and I look good and they'll do the same for you. Particularly for US or European brands and agencies, these guys work at the highest caliber, so don't let the distance between you get in the way of getting to know them.

They're quickly becoming our ace in the hole, that's for sure. I almost didn't want to write this testimonial only because I (selfishly) want them all for myself!

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We charge daily or hourly, but we can also quote you a fixed price, or set up a monthly retainer depending on the type of your project.

You will most likely find our prices reasonable if you value meaningful design.

Are you a startup?

Depending on your funding situation our recommendation is to hire us for scheduled design sprints, or through a long-term contract.

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Superawesome reliably deliver top-notch UX and marketing designs. This was of critical help in scaling our cloud service from a bootstrapped side-project to it becoming our core business. The guys are also great to work with.

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