Our work

Our work reflects the diverse range of organizations we have had the opportunity to work with. We have picked a couple of interesting projects that we'd really appreciate you checking out, because we want you to understand our thinking, and the unique challenges we faced in the process.

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We’ve been working with Portland’s Opal Kelly for a long time, and our collaboration has spanned across many of their products and marketing efforts. From their corporate website and online shop, through Pins web application, to their newest undertaking SYZYGY®.

2014, ongoing

Website design, UI, UX, front-end development, WordPress.

Right before they rose to popularity and entered the mainstream culture, we had the opportunity to work with two of the biggest eSpots teams on the global scene: G2 eSports, and SK Gaming. We helped them establish their online presences through websites that are unsurpassed to this day.


Website design, front-end development, WordPress.

Bitgear operates in a space that’s, let’s call it “graphically challenged”, but they do understand the advantage of original and inherent visual communication through well executed design. They are a unique company that didn’t want to blend in at any cost, which is why the work we do for them is always so eclectic.

2016, ongoing

Visual identity, Website design, front-end development, illustration.

Visual identity and UI design system for a new digital development company with a strong culture of togetherness, Codetribe. Additionally, we’ve worked with their excellent team of front-end developers in order to bring their new website to life.


Visual identity design, website design.

Digital Arrow is one of Serbia's leading independent game developers, and publishers of Aquanox Deep Descent FPS game. We've designed and developed their corporate website.


Website design, UI, UX, front-end development, WordPress.

Hey founder! We know what you’re going through.

Designers are often isolated in their little design bubble, worrying about and protecting the user’s interest, and never get exposed to the intricate and complicated issues the product stakeholders are dealing with in order to bring a product to market.

But we know because we’ve been there.

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Throughout our relationship that now spans several years, we’ve helped Gradić Fest (then called Street Musicians Festival) improve communication with their audience. From the way they experience the festival through their website, to a complete visual identity for the 2016 event.

2016, ongoing

Visual identity, Website design, front-end development, WordPress, illustration.

Visual identity and website design and development for the world’s 3x3 basketball No. 1 Dušan Bulut, who is starting to extend his personal brand onto several different ventures such as clothing, training camps, court, and the 3x3 competition league.

2018, ongoing

Visual identity, Website design, front-end development, WordPress.

Our buddies over at Bull & Beard put us together with the fine folks from HLT because they needed a new website ASAP. We reacted quickly, and worked flawlessly with their design team, and delivered. Time zone differences be damned.


Website design, front-end development.