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  • Stefan Stanojevic
  • Marko Manojlovic

WinOnline was an up-and-coming online casino and sports betting destination in Belgium.

When they approached us their site was outdated, and didn't have all that much content to offer. Shortly after we engaged in a complete overhaul of their online properties, and rebranding of the casino.

The work that you see below illustrates our efforts that went into the design of a new visual identity, redesigning the marketing website, and a new user interface for the web application.

Unfortunately, due to changes in the legal regulations in Belgium, WinOnline's business model was disrupted, hence the service has seized operation as of August 2016.

Nevertheless, we're really proud of the work we've done on this project. It was extremely challenging for us and required that we step out of our comfort zones and learn new things, while at the same time it was immensely rewarding.

Branding & illustration assets.

Visual identity.

WinOnline started off with a pretty generic-looking logo for an online casino. It has served its purpose in the beginning, but it was always obvious that it will need to change. We've helped them shape their brand identity in the direction they felt comfortable with, settling on a new logo, and a recognizable king “mascot”.

Iconography & illustration.

We've spent a lot of time producing extremely detailed graphics to be used in their games, and website, most notable being the ranking avatars, and game icons.

WinOnline branding and illustration assets.

Marketing website.

The previous marketing website lacked credibility, and did a poor job of converting visitors to paying players.

The company already had a relationship with a Belgian celebrity Véronique De Kock that was promoting the brand, and we extended their connection to the website.

WinOnline marketing website.

Web application.

The main goal with the web application redesign was not only improving the user experience, but allowing WinOnline to go from dektop-only, flash-based gaming, to mobile devices.

Making the web application fully responsive was a top priority for us.

WinOnline web application.

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