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  • Dragan Babic
  • Stefan Stanojevic

Since it’s inception in 2012, we’ve been taking care of design for Semaphore: the world’s fastest continuous integration service.

One of the main characteristics of this project was that we basically needed to invent a completely new way of visualizing the build and testing — and later the deployment — processes, as there were no design patterns for those things at the time. It was a really interesting task to tackle, but quite a daunting one as well.

While we were working on the project all the way though 2015, we were responsible for the complete UI design, user experience, as well as their branding and marketing assets.

Semaphore dashboard.

Branding & marketing materials.

Back when we started working on the project, one of the first tasks we took on was to design a logo for Semaphore. The initial design served its purpose well for a while, but later on, as soon as we gotten a chance, we went in for a brand refresh in order to make it feel more contemporary.

We also designed a lot of promotional materials — both print and digital — that the company used for advertising purposes.

Visual identity details, and various marketing materials.
Advertising banners and illustrations.

Marketing site redesign.

One of the efforts we're really proud of during our engagement on this project is the major redesign of the Semaphore marketing website.

The redesign itself represented the start of a new era in Semaphore's product lifecycle, where we shifted the design efforts from focusing 100% on the product's UI, and kicking-off the phase where we were more concentrating on marketing, and getting people to better understand the product; which was at the time still considered somewhat of a novelty.

Marketing site details.

Semaphore community.

As a follow-up to the new marketing website, and establishing a new general direction of its visual identity, we've continued with the efforts of getting the word out there about Semaphore by creating a community-powered tutorials minisite, where people could publish helpful articles on how to use Semaphore in various environments and scenarios.

Community pages.

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