Opal Kelly

2014, ongoing


  • UX
  • UI
  • Graphics
  • Front-End
  • WordPress


  • Dragan Babic
  • Milan Stosic
  • Danijel Grabez
  • Marko Manojlovic

Using illustration and layout design to make technical data more appealing and easier to scan.

Opal Kelly — a parent company toAligni— manufactures and sells electronic components.

In addition to production, it also maintains technical specifications of said components called Pins.

Superawesome is responsible for making sure their website is looking and working well. In addition to the marketing site, we’ve designed and developed the interface for their Pins web application.

Opal Kelly Pins.

Pins is a web application that augments the display of information engineers would typically store and view from a spreadsheet. While useful in its own right, consuming information from a spreadsheet can get a bit frustrating, especially when you have to deal with those enourmous ones. This is why Opal Kelly developed Pins: to help engineers get the data about their products, in the easiest, and smartest way possible.

In fact, the app uses an actual Google Sheet as the database for the information it displays. How cool is that!

Check out a video demo of the Pins app UI in action.

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