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  • Danijel Grabez
  • Stefan Stanojevic

Design for an open-source graph database.

Having worked with Manish — the founder — before on List.cc, we were excited to dive into this ambitious new project of his.

Dgraph is a graph database that was birthed during Manish’s days in Google, and it’s essentially an open source graph database, characterized mainly by its speed, and scaling capabilities.

We designed the visual identity for the product along with the collateral, as well as their marketing website, blog, and wiki.

In addition to the standard branding assets, we've also created a mascot the guys at Dgraph were really excited about called “Diggy”, a friendly little badger everybody likes.

Check out the Dgraph home page in action.
Dgraph home page.
Blog article.
Dgraph MediaWiki theme.

2018: Meet the new Diggy.

After our initial design for Diggy which we were very happy with, the folks at Dgraph wanted to use the character in various scenarios, different poses, etc. This required us to rethink Diggy from a character design perspective, and actually redesign him slightly.

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