Superawesome is in the top 7% at Pangea

We are thrilled to share with you that we have become a part of the prestigious top 7% of vendors at

Why we joined

Superawesome has always been one of the companies lucky enough to never have to seek out work. We were a small team, but work would always find us. The problem with that however is that we never had the time to plan and choose the kind of projects we would be working on. We have joined in order to get a better hold over our lead pipeline and establish ourselves as a reputable service provider to a targeted audience.

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Learning more about ourselves

Pangea’s extensive vetting process forced us to take a deeper dive into what Superawesome is as a company, and how we are perceived by our current and future employees, as well as by our prospective clients.

Additionally, now that we are aware of how we perform in each area of our business, we can focus our efforts to have targeted improvements that will provide the greatest impact for tomorrow.

  • Some of the key takeaways from the process were things like:
  • Our offer acceptance rate for new employees is 85%, something which is we can be proud of,
  • We have a 1:2 woman to man ratio, something that we will continue to improve upon,
  • And that our overall employee retention rate is 95%.
  • Having this information in hard numbers is immensely valuable, and helps us have a more concrete impression of where we are as a company that goes beyond just an intangible assessment from the day-to-day experience of working at Superawesome.

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Our plans

We are looking to establish ourselves as a highly reputable company for digital product design and design staff augmentation for European and North American markets.

Our core strengths lie in tackling complex design problems and nurturing design teams within environments where design isn’t expected to be found. We’re looking to discover design-challenged companies to become partners with. Companies that are traditionally not considered a fertile ground for design and technology, so we may help them use these assets to their advantage in their respective markets.

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