API Integrator

Do you hate data entry? Do you love APIs?

That's great! Because we need someone to help us streamline data flows between several web applications automagically, so people don't need to copy them manually.

Technical requirements

Ability to work with documented APIs in order to move and sync data from one place to another.

Ability to work with various data formats and protocols, and their standardization for the purpose of synchronization between systems (OAuth, SAML, JSON, etc).

Strong knowledge of a widely used programming language (e.g. Python, PHP, Ruby, etc) and select frameworks commonly used for web applications (Rails, Django, Laravel, etc).

Ability to write well documented, performant code.

Ability to write clear usage instructions and documentation.


At least moderate dev-ops skills (e.g. setting up an app on Heroku, spinning up VMs on Digital Ocean, etc.)

Soft Skill Requirements

Ability to manage own workload and communicate effectively to the development team, as well as the stakeholders.

Strong use of English language in both verbal, and written communication.

Ability to navigate, and be productive in a preexisting codebase.

Nice to haves

Experience with Shopify's API.

Experience with Salsify's API.

Experience with Blue Cherry's API.

Knowledge of working with front-end frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap, etc).


This is a full time, limited duration (12 months initially), contract-based position.

We guarantee fair compensation based on the skill level of the candidate.

We will consider candidates local to Novi Sad, as well as remote candidates.

✌️ Best of luck.

If we are not advertising an open position but you'd still like to work with us, please send us your details as we are always on the lookout for new talent.

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