Superawesome requires all clients to submit requests through this form.

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Work orders explained.

A work order is a formal request for work to be performed, that a client makes towards Superawesome.

In order to keep our workload under control, avoid confusion in communication we require all clients to formally send us all work requests. We call these requests “work orders”, while you also may hear “task”, “ticket”, “card”, or the like. They are all essentially work orders.

This means that every time we have a meeting or an email discussion that results in us needing to perform work, that actionable request needs to be submited to us in the form of a work order.

Sometimes our clients create these work orders, but sometimes we do it ourselves and run it by them for sign-off and confirmation.

Typical workflows.

Client creates the work order

In case the client is creating the work order, all they need to do is to fill out a form and send it.

The form will require you to:

  • provide you username and email address,
  • name and describe the request, please be as specific and go into as much detail as necessary,
  • declare a priority, note that this will affect all other work orders you have currently open as we use this field for scheduling.

You will also be able to:

  • list additional stakeholders related to the work order,
  • request a deadline for the work order.

Superawesome creates the work order

This usually happens when we have a meeting which results in some actionable feedback.

In most of these situations we will spare you the formalities of submiting a form for each of the things we need to do, and will follow up with a list of tasks which we will enter into our system as work orders, ourselves.

All that will be required of you at that point is to sign-off the task list, and optionally provide some corrections or last-minute changes.

Frequently asked questions.

What happens once I submit a work order?

Superawesome will address all work orders on the following business day by contacting the stakeholders with a request for additional information, potential conflicts, or just to confirm we've received it. At this point the work order is in the projects “backlog”.

Once we confirm we have everything we need to start working on the work order, we will schedule it according to the current workload and the stated priorities, and inform the stakeholders. It's status is now “scheduled”.

As soon as someone actually starts working on the ticket and there are results to be shown, the team member responsible for the work will contact the stakeholders through email and present the work or schedule a discussion. The work order is now “in production”.

We prefer to keep all discussion cocerning a work order in a single email thread. If an in-person discussion was had instead someone from our team will follow up via email with the meeting minutes, outlining any potential actionable items and new work orders and change requests.

How do I know what Superawesome is working on?

Superawesome sends status update emails every Monday to all clients. These emails contain a review of what we've done last week, what's planned for the current week, as well as any outstanding requests we have towards the client (missing content, assets, etc).

Should you need to review your project's backlog at any other time, simply contact us and we will send you an update.

What if I have an urgency?

This system is designed so that it encourages planning and thinking ahead, therefore making urgent requests deliberately difficult to manage.

Should you have an honest, our-house-is-going-to-burn-down emergency, you can email us directly, or — God forbid — use the phone to get ahold of us.

We will do our best to answer and address the urgency but it will ultimately come down to our schedule at the moment. We will never make any promises regarding urgencies, and officially encourage our clients to refrain from making such requests.

Got a question regarding our system? Send us an email.

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