1 day minimum
$240.00 per day, per person
Travel and accommodation expenses billed additionally.

Design quality assurance.

We'll help you ensure your team is outputting the best possible UX/UI work.

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Let us be a pair of fresh eyes that will go through the work your team is outputting, or have us make sure it's all up to snuff.

  • Turn a feature prototype into a final product using our product design experience.
  • Improve the user experience or user interface of your website, or application.
  • Make sure your front-end is up to par with the modern-day standards.

We can work with your team on-site in your offices and consult on whatever it is they are working on and need help with.

Additionally, we can work remotely through day-long sessions where you will brief us on the matter, and we will come back to you with our analysis in the form of a document you can share with the team and use to improve their work.

The process.

Step 1
Decide on the arrangement of our collaboration, and whether we will be working on-site, or remotely.
Step 2
Brief us on the project at hand. We will talk about your needs and goals with this engagement, your team, and how we can help.
Step 3
You or your team will demo the work for us, and we will start analyzing it. This includes getting to know your technical limitations, your team's skillsets and abilities, and identifying the pain points.
Step 4
Depending on the arrangement we will work with your team face to face and discuss all the ways the product can be improved, or we will do this ourselves remotely while staying in contact with you.
Step 5
We will produce a document containing our analysis and hand it over to you.

Should you decide to have us work on-site, all travel and accommodation costs will be expensed to you.

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Product design example:
We have a product/feature that was created by developers and we would like to prepare it for production.
UX/UI design example:
We have issues with our UI and we need help from experienced designers.
Front-End example:
We need a way to make sure our front-end code is up to modern-day standards.