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Landing pages.

Convert visitors into paying customers by welcoming them with a tailored user experience based on the channel they come from.

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Landing pages are an indispensable tool in the online marketer's arsenal, and there is no reason you shouldn't utilize them if you are selling a product or a service.

Landing page ≠ home page.

It is a common occurrence that a company wants to double-down and design their home page with the intent that it is used as the main entry point to their website.

While in some cases this can be true, there is far more potential in a dedicated landing page promoting your product or service, that is crafted to fit the marketing channel it is targeted from.

The process.

Step 1
Work out the kick-off and hand-over dates, collect information about your product or service, gather necessary content and assets, talk about potential design directions, etc.
Step 2
If your plan is to A/B test the landing page, you will inform us about the variable part of the page. This can be copy, color scheme, or a shorter version of the page.
Step 3
Once we have everything we need, we kick the project off and commit to the deadline. This is where we get to work.
Step 4
We hand over the coded, fully responsive website, or upload it to your server.

If you need additional help with setting up A/B testing, please inform us because we may be able to help you if you are using a tool we are familiar with.

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