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Email campaigns.

Whether you need a set of transactional emails for your app or a single newsletter designed, we got you.

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Email isn't going anywhere.

Doesn't matter what they say, and how many times they repeat it, email isn't going anywhere. It's still the most effective way to market your products or services, to get the news out there, or to communicate directly to your users.

  • Newsletters

    Whether you need to send an individual newsletter, a general reusable template, or a complete drip campaign, this option is for you.

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  • Transactional

    If your app sends email, you need this option. We can deliver a general template, or design all of your existing message templates individually.

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The state of HTML email today.

Email design used to be really hard. It was like going back ten years and ignoring all the nice things that have happened in web development in that time.

Truth be told, it's still sort of like that, but the future is looking a lot brighter. With a lot more email clients parsing and rendering HTML better, to mobile devices having excellent support for modern technologies we can use to build our emails with.

Luckily for you, we are totally up-to-date with this stuff, and we're here to help.

The process.

Step 1
Work out the kick-off and hand-over dates, gather necessary content and assets, talk about potential design directions, etc.
Step 2
If your plan is to A/B test the emails, you will inform us about the variable part of the message. This can be copy, color scheme, or a shorter version.
Step 3
Once we have everything we need, we kick the project off and commit to the deadline. This is where we get to work.
Step 4
We hand over the coded email, or set it up in your email marketing tool of choice. All that's left is for you to hit “Send”.

If you need additional help with setting up A/B testing, please inform us because we may be able to help you if you are using a tool we are familiar with.

MailChimp or CampaignMonitor implementation is a paid additional service, that also requires you to grant us access to your account.

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