5 days
$1,200.00 per sprint

Design sprints.

The best method to validate new ideas, improve existing features, and test with prototypes.

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The biggest value in design sprints lies in the fact that you can validate a potentially huge investment which could easily turn out to be the wrong bet.

Wouldn't you like to know whether something is worth pursuing further as quickly as possible, without investing months of design and development time, and huge amounts of money?

  • Validate an idea for a new feature for an existing product.
  • Validate an entire new product or service.
  • Improve an existing feature or a user flow.

A design sprint is limited to five days in duration, during which we work closely with project stakeholders in order to produce a clickable prototype that will help you figure out if it's worth it to go into actual design and development.

We will take your idea and other information you may have about the product, interview your potential customers, analyze the feedback, and create a prototype.

The process.

Day 1
In-Depth analysis of your idea through a workshop, where we work together and try to figure out how to shape your idea into a feature or a product.
Day 2
Conduct interviews with your potential customers, and define personas of your customers to be.
Day 3
Wireframing, mapping user flows, iteration.
Day 4
Lo-Fi design, micro-copywriting, prototype development.
Day 5
Demo, testing, and handover.

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