Still awesome, just on a smaller scale.

Specifically defined services, tailored to remove as much risk and doubt for the client, yet still yield a quality result.

A lot of times design service pricing can come off as some kind of voodoo magic, especially if you don't come from a background close to design yourself, or simply don't have a lot of experience in working with designers.

And, let's face it, sometimes you just need something done without a lot of noise made about it.

This is exactly why we went ahead and defined several services we can safely provide at a fixed cost, and remove any kind of doubt you may have about hiring us for such a service.

Microawesome is not about the “agency experience”, it's about delivering what you need while saving you the involvement, and wasting as little of your time as possible.

Therefore all Microawesome services are offered on the “what you see is what you get” basis, meaning there are no change requests, design iterations, or going back and forth about the size of the logo.

You provide us with the task, we execute and send you the finished product. Done deal.

This approach ensures the quickest way to get the job done, while sacrificing only a little bit of control over the final product you would otherwise have in a traditional engagement.

The Process.

  1. After we receive your inquiry we will get back in touch with you in order to go over the details of the project (kick-off and handover dates, payment options, etc).
  2. Considering our availability fits your desired timeframe we will require you to fill out a project questionnaire that will provide us with all the information and assets we need in order to kick it off.
  3. After we have received the brief we will schedule a half-hour meeting with you to go over the brief together, and have an in person introduction.
  4. At this point we should be all set to get to work and the next time we get in touch will most likely be when we're ready to hand over the deliverables to you. However if we happen to have some additional questions or there are some assets missing, we will contact you in a timely manner.

Things to keep in mind.

  • If this project revolves around an event with a sensitive date, we’d like to know in advance.
  • If you have any specific technological requirements, please let us know.
  • If there are graphic assets (photos, fonts, etc.) that you want us to use, please have them ready before kick-off, and make sure you have obtained the appropriate licences for their usage.
  • Should we fail to deliver on the day of the hand-off, or at all you will be offered either a full refund, or a partial discount should you still want to go through with the project with a delay.

Our Guarantees

We guarantee for the quality all deliverables and services with our existing body of work, and reputation. All of the unrestricted and unlimited rights to the work will be considered transferred to you once the delivery has taken place, or a service has been rendered.

  • Our designs are 100% original, they don’t resemble, or are based on existing templates or themes.
  • You can trust our professional judgement when it comes to design decisions as we are always operating within your best interest.
  • We vouch for the quality of our designs and code, and we won’t ever deliver something we ourselves are not happy with.
  • If you are set on a specific style we can definitely apply it, but we’d much rather do what’s most appropriate for the project at hand.

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Our Work.

No doubt you are interested to see some examples of our work by now. We’ve prepared a couple of case studies in order to give you a bit of insight into our process.

If you aren’t into going in depth and just want to check out some visuals, you’ll find some in there as well.