The power and potential of a design thinking at your disposal, but without the overhead.

Microawesome projects are deadlined closed-scope projects. You define the task, we execute on it, and hand it over.

Essentially, it's small projects delivered on a deadline for a fixed price.

There are no iterations, no back and forth, and no options. What you get is what you get.

This means that sometimes the outcome of a Microawesome project may not be something you would necessarily put into production, but a valuable third-party take on something you and your team can continue to work off of.

Microawesome is not about the “service”, or the “agency experience”.

It's about utilizing a design team's capabilities on a short term without the overhead.

  • Improve existing products.
  • Check viability of new ideas.
  • Qualify potential features.
  • Get experts' design critique.


We can transform an idea into a hi- or lo-fi clickable prototype. You can use it as a simple proof of concept, or even in a pitch or a demo.

Feature development.

Want to add functionality to an existing product? Have functionality that's tacked on and performing poorly? Let us see what we can do.

Quality assurance.

Professional design reviews of your team's work. We'll produce a document pointing out flaws in visual consistency, usability issues, and suggestions for user experience improvements.

Projects listed above are just examples. By all means, you can book a Microawesome project with a “traditional” deliverable — such as a small website, or a landing page — but keep in mind that this service really shines when you need a fresh, new take on a thing.

The Process.

  1. Pre-Commitment.

    Non-Billable phase.

    1. Send an inquiry.
    2. Half-Hour introductory meeting.
    3. Review client brief.
    4. Decide on payment preference.
    5. Collect company information.
  2. Scoping.

    Optional, and necessary only if you can't supply us with a detailed enough brief or a specification for the project, we will create one.

    1. Schedule one or a series of interviews with the stakeholders in order to understand the project.
    2. Create a work document containing the final scope, and the goal of the project.
    3. Gather all assets necessary for putting the project in production.
  3. Booking.

    1. Receive a quote on time and cost.
    2. Work out scheduling.
    3. Sign off on work document.
    4. Payment.
  4. Production.

    1. Kick-Off.
    2. Work.
    3. Presentation.
    4. Asset hand-off.

Our guarantee.

  • We guarantee for the quality all deliverables and services with our existing body of work, and reputation.
  • Our designs are 100% original, they don’t resemble, or are based on existing templates or themes.
  • You can trust our professional judgement when it comes to design decisions as we are always operating within your best interest.
  • We vouch for the quality of our designs and code, and we won’t ever deliver something we ourselves are not happy with.

Things to keep in mind.

  • If this project revolves around an event with a sensitive date, we’d like to know in advance.
  • If you have any specific technological requirements, please let us know.
  • If there are graphic assets (photos, fonts, etc.) that you want us to use, please have them ready before kick-off, and make sure you have obtained the appropriate licences for their usage.
  • All of the unrestricted and unlimited rights to the work will be transferred to you once we deliver the assets.
  • If you are set on a specific style or an aesthetic please make a strong note about it, so we align our efforts with your expectations as close as possible.

Featured project:


Our Work.

No doubt you are interested to see some examples of our work by now. We’ve prepared a couple of case studies in order to give you a bit of insight into our process.

If you aren’t into going in depth and just want to check out some visuals, you’ll find some in there as well.

Don’t fancy hiring an agency?

What if we told you that you could get quality design work done, while not having to enter in a relationship with an agency at all?