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Love it or hate it, it looks like Slack is here to stay.

A short braindump on "read later" services, and how you can McGuyver your own in a couple of minutes using several services you already use.

If you’ve read about this issue before you know that most of the authors describe this as a chicken and the egg dilemma, well I have to break it to you - it’s a far cry from that.

Each year we need to strive to be better, smarter, draw some valuable lessons from our past experience and for what’s worth I have to say we do that but somehow there’s always more. We’re trying to build a working culture within our organization and draw the most out of a not-so-bright situation.

Every so often we get a question of why we don’t add some more details to our mock-ups and come closer to the real product in order to communicate the design. So we’ve decided to take the time and explain what mock-ups are meant for and what their real purpose is or is not.

You have several ways of communicating your ideas to your clients and stakeholders but not all of them speak with such relevance or immediacy as mock-ups.

Designing in a bubble of your own assumptions and best guesses is not a very smart idea, but not everyone has a network of peers to share their work with. Here's a chance to pop that bubble and get some feedback.

Serbian Startup community is meeting Google and Silicon Valley Experts at the first Google Launchpad event in Novi Sad.

Any beautiful yet functional design is a product of a good cooperation between a design team and developers.

As we dive into the realm of digital marketing, we are confronted with a new set of concepts which we need to understand and learn to apply successfully and one of the most sought-after marketing tools these days would be a landing page.

The two terms often get tossed around and people tend to get confused as they think we’re talking about one and the same thing. Well, we’re not.

Let's take a look at some of the common pitfalls of an inexperienced founder, while working with designers to develop their digital product.

If you take a look at flashy websites with glittery images, a lot of text, fatal color combinations, you will realize that they represent Jocelyn Wildenstein of the web design.

Frankly speaking, I believe design is underrated.