Welcome to the new Sprawsm.com

The modern traditional.

We've made it a habit to refresh our website every 2-3 years, and looks like it's time to do it once again. It's not that the previous design didn't serve us well — because it did — but we've found we wanted to focus much more on content and the previous site with its rigid structure didn't really allow for that.

While we're on the subject of content, we're doubling down on retaining ownership of our content. Blogging in a traditional sense fell out of fashion recently — unfortunately — in favor of bite-sized blurbs posted to various social networks, and while we don't think we'll be churning out long form blog posts on a daily basis, we still wanted a place of our own to post and share stuff. Since you're already reading this, welcome to Heads-Up, our new blog.

While social networks give you an audience out of the box, provide content distribution, they also take away the control you get when you self-publish. While we're not abandoning any of our social accounts and we're still going to crosspost to several other outlets such as Twitter, Tumblr, and Medium, the content will first and foremost be published on our site, than pushed out to these destinations.

One of the major reasons for this move is the lack of online destinations that enable that feeling of pure enjoyment of digging deep into a cool new website. We really feel the need for this website to communicate our attitude as much as possible, and provide answers before people would need to start asking questions.

So, the main motivator for this update was a desire to make our content represented as best as possible.

If you browse around you will find that the whole design is really toned down, relies a lot on simple typography with a lot of breathing room everywhere. I guess I could say that if you are tempted to start reading and exploring the site, the design has done its job.

In a way, the last several redesigns didn't really feel like redesigns, rather than refinements of an original idea, of something we originally wanted to have but weren't yet capable of making. This one is no exception, really.

We still feel there is a lot to explore and a lot to improve, but for now we're really happy with how it is, so we're pulling the trigger and launching it.

On behalf of the whole Superawesome team, I really hope you like it,


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