The Superawesome Playbook

Learn about how a little design studio such as ours runs.

It's no surprise that — us being a small design studio — we don't have any official company processes or policies. However, we realized that it wouldn't hurt if we took some of our practices we've learned over the years and put them together as a reference. Thus, the playbook was born.

We wanted to lay some things out in the open, help our current and future employees better understand how things are done, and generally paint a realistic picture about our company to whoever might find that kind of stuff interesting.

Running a company — no matter how small — isn't a straightforward deal, and there are millions of small things we wish we'd known even before we started. Having a document such as this gives us a mechanism to rely on in certain situations, and lays a foundation about expectations if we're to work together.

Unofficially, we launched the playbook early last week, but now we're releasing it officially.

In a nutshell, it covers the following:

  • Basic information about Superawesome, and how we see ourselves within our industry, how we are structured and how we run, benefits and compensation.
  • Information about how we manage and keep tabs on projects, how we handle certain situations.
  • Design and development practices, and recommendations.

The playbook isn't finished, and it will never be considered finished as that would mean that there's nothing left for us to learn. It's meant as an ever-evolving reference that we plan on maintaining as we go along and mature as a company.

We hope that you'll enjoy this little glimpse into a small design shop such as ours, and if at least some of the things mentioned there click with you, than we know we would be good friends.