Talk: Founders vs. designers

Dragan will be giving a talk on the five things keeping you from launching a good product.

Tomorrow, Wednesday December 6 2017 at 19:30, our Dragan Babić will be giving a talk at the 2017 Startup Academy, organized by the awesome folks at StartIt.

The talk is titled “Founders vs. designers: 5 things that are keeping you from launching a good product” and is focused mostly around the relationship between the main stakeholders and the designers in the product design process.

Most of the things in the talk are drawn from our own experience working with early stage startups, designing their software from an idea or a crude MVP, to a fully-featured product.

If you're one of the lucky ones that happen to be in this batch of the Startup Academy, we hope you'll get something out of this talk, and please don't hesitate to ask Dragan anything you may be interested in related to product design.