Design Critique Workshop

Designing in a bubble of your own assumptions and best guesses is not a very smart idea, but not everyone has a network of peers to share their work with. Here's a chance to pop that bubble and get some feedback.

Come May 16th you will get a chance to submit your work to be thoroughly discussed and analyzed by experienced designers. Mika was kind enough to include me in this group of awesome people — of which a couple I even know personally — and it will be an honor to hang out and help out my fellow designers.

Essentially, what's going to happen is that anyone can send in a piece of their work and request us to critique it. The whole point is to gather objective, bias-free feedback that will hopefully improve the work in the next iteration. If you're lucky — and smart — you already have peers you share your work with that can comment on it, but for the rest of you that don't have access to experienced designers, this is a great opportunity.

We encourage you to submit your work directly to Mika through this email address:

Hope to see you there!

When: Wednesday, May 16 2018, 6pm–9pm.

Where: StartIt Centar, Savska 5, Beograd.

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