Design Critique Workshop #2: Novi Sad

Public UX review and critique of selected domestic digital products, by experienced UX designers!

They will question design decisions and give advisory based on business requirements. Get to know their process and learn design techniques by attending this meetup!

The meetup will take place at the StartIt Center Novi Sad, September 5 2018 at 18:00. Please RSVP at the official event page.

Here is a lineup of UX designers that will lead workshop:

Dragan Babić

Designing professionally since 2005, doing UX and product design, as well as UI, branding, and front-end. Founder of a small independent design shop called Superawesome headquartered in Novi Sad, Serbia, while servicing clients worldwide.

Petar Ačanski

Designer with more than 14 years of experience in the industry. He has worked as a developer, as a designer, and as a design lead. He want through freelancing, six years of agency life, and currently working for a SaaS company. Right now he is improving ActiveCollab which is the project management tool used by companies like Nasa, Apple, Nike and many others.

Marko Purać

Graphic designer and illustrator from Novi Sad. Professionally he's orientated towards web design which he has practiced within numerous digital agencies for 10 years, for which he has earned multiple awards such as AWWWards, and others. Since 2014 until today his main role is that of a creative director in Themes Kingdom which as of recently operates as an independent design studio as well as a WordPress theme marketplace. Also, he is involved daily in creating products and direction of overall design and photography for the Over streetwear brand, which he has founded in 2012.

Arsenije Ćatić

Design generalist. I strongly believe in iteration, intuition and hybrid design teams.
Honesty, trust, constructive criticism and learning from failure is what keeps me going.

See you at StartIt Center Novi Sad, September 5 2018 at 18:00. Please RSVP at the official event page.

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