#10yearsofsprawsm – the party

September 1 2017 marked Superawesome's 10 year anniversary, and we decided to throw a little get together for all the people close to the company, including some of our local clients.

Even though we didn't want this to resemble a corporate event — not that we're even capable of throwing one — we did want for it to be a company event, so we decided that we will host it in the office this time, and decided to give it a french theme and called it “La matinée au bureau de Superawesome” just for the laughs. It sounds cool if nothing else.

Hosting the whole shindig on a Friday also made a lot of sense as we wanted people to come right after work and get a chance end the work week hanging out and relaxing with a drink — or a couple — as well as some food we cooked on the spot.

We want to use this opportunity to extend our thank you to everyone that came, we hope you enjoyed it. We know we sure did.

Lastly, here are some photos that will give you an impression of the atmosphere.



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