Why designers and developers are “meant to be”

Any beautiful yet functional design is a product of a good cooperation between a design team and developers.

There’s no doubt about that. Without that synergy of skill sets, the users will be left with poor experience, lack of efficiency and no value.

When you think of a design, you have to think of it as a whole since you are designing the whole system, different pieces that make up an overall structure and all these pieces should work well together, fit together, speak the same language, so to say. They should be usable, functional and possess an aesthetic appeal.

Designers are usually the ones with visions and one of the most often heard complaints is that developers cannot transform those visions into a workable solution. Whereas developers are focused on the reason, scientific and mathematical approach to solving problems and they are said to be introverted species that keep themselves to themselves, not interested in the visual but in the functional.

Creativity vs Logic. Do we really have to make a choice?

You can see this division in the tech world very often but it shouldn’t be this way. These are just two sides of the same coin.

They are both great at what they do and creating a product that users will be satisfied with requires a tremendous amount of work on both ends. When designers and developers work together, communicate their thoughts and exchange ideas, the outcome is sure to be more than positive. Using skills of both of them in tandem gives your product an edge which would be impossible to get otherwise.

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