Avoid scope creep by booking Microawesome

If you are a freelancer, an agency or any kind of consultant, you probably shudder at the word “scope creep”, the monster in the closet of every project.

On the other hand, if you are a client you get frustrated by the communication process and things that crop up and are out of your control but you need them done yesterday.

For those who don’t know it (you lucky, lucky people!), I’ll try to elaborate. If I had to come up with a definition, then I would say it is a process by which the size of your project is increasing beyond the agreed, which means that your project is getting bigger and bigger and the tasks are piling up and the price can go up as well.

We’ve all been there now and then! Right? It’s not an easy thing on both sides.

Well, we’ve put a lot of thought into this and decided to try and find a solution which may not be applicable to all the project but some might be a perfect fit! And we call them Microawesome projects, as they are still awesome just on a smaller scale!

These are just deadlined closed scope projects with a defined time-frame (up to 10 days of development). The client defines the task, we execute it, provide a solution without too much fuss and that’s it. A breeze!

These work best when you need design tuning or transforming your idea into a prototype, reviewing your team’s work, and so on. Yet, that doesn’t mean you cannot use this service to book “more traditional” services like creating a small website or a landing page. The choice is solely yours.  One thing remains, though. It’s up to a designer to design, and yours is to relax and put your trust into the hands of the professionals.

That’s it. No scope creep, no hidden overheads, fixed price and a service delivered within the agreed timeframe. Awesome, isn’t it? Or should I say, Microawesome! 🙂

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