An effective landing page - the key to a higher conversion rate

As we dive into the realm of digital marketing, we are confronted with a new set of concepts which we need to understand and learn to apply successfully and one of the most sought-after marketing tools these days would be a landing page.

A landing page is that page on the website where visitors arrive by clicking on an ad, a campaign page link, a social post, a referral, etc. and its sole purpose is to convert a prospect into a customer, a buyer or a subscriber. However, there are some key characteristics to a landing page we are going to touch on that should help it look great and have a high conversion rate.


The best way to do it is to make your landing page visually simple, void of clutter while focusing the visitor’s attention on a particular action and directing them to keep reading.

  • Since your landing page has this goal, you want all the visual elements on this page to support that goal; meaning, the page should be stripped of anything that could distract the visitor from clicking on the call to action button.
  • Embrace the white space. It will help you emphasize the CTA.
  • Your visuals need to be attractive. Consider adding a hero image or a video which will demonstrate your product in the best way and help clients relate to it.
  • The use of color has a big influence on how the visitor to your page will behave. Make sure you do a thorough research on colors in different cultures and their meanings as it will improve your user interface and lead to a better conversion.


  • Your landing page zeroes in on the offer and targets a specific audience; therefore, start with an effective headline. Make sure it’s catchy and can engage the visitor in the story you want to tell by offering them a tangible benefit.
  • Try to avoid unnecessary wordage.
  • Be guided by your visitor’s what’s-in-it-for-me approach.
  • Think about keywords you want to use on your landing page to optimize it for search engines.

I don’t think I should even write about this but your landing page should have a responsive design. With the Google’s Mobile-First Index you should “go responsive yesterday”.

All these elements are extremely critical to a high converting landing page. In addition, there are some useful tips  I came across and would love to share as I believe they are great, so try to apply them and you’ll have an effective tool for your marketing strategy.

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