6 things you can judge your user interface by

If you really want to test your user interface and see how you score you can check out a list of the most important characteristics we’ve compiled for you.

  1. Clear - your design should send a clear message to the user of what the elements in the design are supposed to do. Nobody has time to dwell on it trying to discover what the idea behind that element is. Keep it clear and simple! Give the elements a clear meaning!
  2. Consistent - People feel secure when they know how certain things work. It gives them comfort. Therefore, you should adapt to any design but retain some consistency throughout.
  3. Intuitive - the user should feel at home with your interface. Don’t change things drastically just for the sake of changing something.
  4. Responsive - this can mean several things. First of all, it means fast. Waiting for the interface to load can make the user frustrated. Then, it means it should open in each and every type of device the user’s using.
  5. Usable - Look at your user interface as a means of transport. You have a destination to reach and you don’t care how you will get there as long as the vehicle serves the purpose without too much fuss. This is what your interface should do. See what the user wants and enable the ride as smooth as possible.
  6. Aesthetically pleasing - This is not imperative but you can look at it as a bonus feature. Of course, the previously mentioned characteristics are super important but I personally believe if something is pleasant to the eye, it will make the user experience truly satisfying. Sure the tastes will vary but if you get the general feel, the users will look forward to using it.

Contrary to a popular belief, apart from the visual aspect, the design audit is an effort that aims to improve — and where necessary correct — the user experience of the product by suggesting changes in the user flows or replacing UI elements currently in use with more common, standardized UI patterns.

User interface is the only way you can interact with your target audience. Make it good. Better, make it awesome!

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