Money For Nothing

In the heads of many, many entrepreneurs raising funds for your new business venture from outside investors sounds exciting. Glamorous even.

This is probably the scenario they have in their heads for when they sit down to talk with an investor, as if that’s a minor thing to do:

Investor: We really like your idea, we think you guys are smart, you are a good team and work well together. Here’s some money to get you off the ground, in exchange for a fair share of the ownership of the company.

However, this is most likely the speech you’re going to get:

Investor: My name is So and So, and every cent that you get for your shot in the dark idea will come from me, so that’s why I am important in this whole deal. Also, if I put my money into this, [insert_list_of_demands_here]…

This is actually a good test to see if you yourself believe in your idea enough to not compromise it, or if you’re just after the quick buck.

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