Wrapping up 2017 with two new additions to the portfolio

We're proud to finally be able to present to you two projects we've been working on in 2017: Codetribe, and Promonaut.

Both of these projects came with their own set of challenges, but we honestly couldn't be happier with how they turned out, even though both projects are in their early release stages.

Codetribe came to us with a project that involved rebranding their newly-created company, which involved designing a visual identity, and directly applying it to a new company website which should present them as tight-knot, eager, knowledge-hungry-but-very-skillful bunch of folks. We did our best to complete the task through a visual narrative that can be seen on the home page using scrolling to reveal the story.

Promonaut is a very early-stage startup, currently seeking product-market-fit in the new and quickly growing cannabis niche. Already with a pivot behind them since we started working together around March 2017, they've demonstrated that they are not afraid to go back to the drawing board and rethink their product which to us signals a healthy approach to product development, and fearlessness towards the unknown.

We've put the two case studies up in the portfolio, so go check them out if you're interested.

2017 is officially over for us, just one more day to power through, than after a brief intermezzo we're jumping right into the deep end of 2018. Considering our workload in Q1, it's going to be interesting.

Happy new year, y'all. ✌

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