SYZYGY Brain-1 - Another Success Story

Our friends at Opal Kelly just launched the SYZYGY project, a major leap for FPGA modules and their compatibility.

Opal Kelly, a leading producer of FPGA modules which provide device-to-computer interconnect using USB or PCI Express, has just partnered with Portland-based crowdfunding platform, Crowd Supply, and released the Brain-1 through the Crowd Supply platform. Described as “the first realization of a carrier board supporting SYZYGY”, the Brain-1 is an open source carrier platform supporting the use of SYZYGY for modular peripheral expansion.

The Brain-1 is envisioned as a general purpose development platform which would enable exploration and implementation in various areas, including high-speed data acquisition, machine vision, software-defined radio, robotics, and sensing. It is intended for academics, semiconductor manufacturers, professional engineers and serious FPGA enthusiast, hacker, high-end hobbyist.

In order to cater to all these various needs, Opal Kelly thought of everything, including the design for this solution. This is where Superawesome design team steps into the picture. We created visual features which should give the product a recognizable look, designed a powerful and easy-to-use website with good infographic design elements and we hope our goal was accomplished.

Anyway, in case you’re interested in the Brain-1 and would love to learn more, please visit or the Brain-1 Crowd Supply campaign.


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