Reservation Genie launches Virtual Gift Cards

Reservation Genie is here again to make your life easier!

Reservation Genie is here again to make your life easier! They’ve surprised us by releasing a new virtual gift card tool aimed at restaurants and other companies willing to sell vouchers for their services. The tool works with the help of a leading online payment platform, Stripe, and what you need to do is set up a Stripe account and link it to Reservation Genie. The Gift Card Button will appear on your Gift Card purchasing page and voilá, the buyers can start with their purchase.

The process is smooth and easy for them. They fill in their basic info, their credit card number, and press “pay”. The info about the purchase is sent to them via email and they can even print it out in case they are expensing this to the company.

As for the websites which offer gift cards, according to the Reservation Genie’s owner, they can use this tool “to view reports, check balances, verify virtual card codes, and reduce card balances”.

All in all, the responsibility of creating a good user interface design for this tool lay with Superawesome design studio and our team’s task was to simplify the purchasing process and keep the user in control of the environment and their actions. The visual elements are smartly organized and the process is super transparent so that the user cannot help it but trust the app.

But enough with the talk, let’s walk the walk and surprise someone with a Reservation Genie Gift Card for a nice dinner at a restaurant!

Bon appétit!

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