Make your date shine bright like a diamond

As with all the services in today’s hectic world, booking tables at restaurants has become a common thing - it saves time significantly and gives you a sense of relaxation as you are just one click away from a wonderful dinner in great company.

Diamond Tables is an online tool which makes it possible to select times for the tables you can book at participating restaurants. What you need to do is search and book a table and then you get a notification on your phone with the link to open in case you need to show it to a server. And that’s it! You’re done!

Built from the ground up!

It wasn’t easy to achieve this simplicity! When we discussed the idea, we realized we should build a website from scratch with a strong suit of tools which will help the user go through the process in an easy and hasslefree way. Reservation Genie turned to Superawesome to create a website that showcases how easy it is to book a table at any restaurant and save money at the same time.

Superawesome developed a visual design and a clean, responsive tool with a strong UX experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers, which makes it easy for the customers to book from any online device.

Dashboard & settings

The dashboard which tracks restaurants and times is pretty straightforward and most clients won’t have any problems using it.

Think twice, book through Diamond Tables

Reservation online has gone mainstream and having a good reservation tool with a clean interface is something that everyone needs to take into consideration. Diamond Tables fulfills all the conditions of such an app and it should definitely be on your radar if it’s not there yet!

Check out the brand new Diamond Tables by Reservation Genie.

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