Long, mid, and short form posts on various topics. Braindumps, observations, opinions, commentary, and general thinking out loud.

A journey one must take in order to ascend in the field of design from the lowest junior design position where everyone starts, to the highest rank of creative director only few are worthy of.

We've been approached by the folks at Weblium to provide a review of their new SaaS product Draftium. Considering it has to do with low fidelity design I was happy to oblige.

Love it or hate it, it looks like Slack is here to stay.

A short braindump on "read later" services, and how you can McGuyver your own in a couple of minutes using several services you already use.

They say time flies when you're having fun. Well, there definitely were fun times in the past ten years, but most of what I remember is hard work. Not that we're complaining, though.

We hear a lot of talk lately about the technical debt programmers are facing, once their software becomes mature enough, and all that rapid development that was done initially starts to hurt the company.

First, a confession: I’m a hoarder. A fucking hamster that takes anything that even resembles something that could be of use at some point in time, and saves it.