Microawesome is a very special design service. We call it an anti-agency approach, where the client provides the task, and gets a result on a specific date, for a fixed price. Learn more about the service from these posts.

Any beautiful yet functional design is a product of a good cooperation between a design team and developers.

As we dive into the realm of digital marketing, we are confronted with a new set of concepts which we need to understand and learn to apply successfully and one of the most sought-after marketing tools these days would be a landing page.

The two terms often get tossed around and people tend to get confused as they think we’re talking about one and the same thing. Well, we’re not.

Frankly speaking, I believe design is underrated.

If you really want to test your user interface and see how you score you can check out a list of the most important characteristics we’ve compiled for you.

If you want to know that your website/app is good, you need to have a clear metric to measure the quality and that’s not as simple as you may think.

Your clients and potential customers create a picture of you based on what they see - your logo, website, brochures, advertisements, office signage, newsletters, etc. And how people see you plays a huge role in making a buying decision.

It is much easier to change something which is only in the initial phase of the design process rather than try and change it later when the design is finalized.

Some people think that prototyping is a waste of time and resources and they are anxious to jump on board and develop right away. What they don’t realize is that prototyping can save time and money and above all, test the idea on the cheap without investing into a fully functional software.

If you are a freelancer, an agency or any kind of consultant, you probably shudder at the word “scope creep”, the monster in the closet of every project.

A design service aimed towards providing short-term design work at lower cost.