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Talk: Founders vs. designers

Tomorrow, Wednesday December 6 2017 at 19:30, our Dragan Babić will be giving a talk at the 2017 Startup Academy, organized by the awesome folks at StartIt. The talk is titled “Founders vs. designers: 5 things that are keeping you from launching a good product” and is focused mostly around the relationship between the main...
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New Year’s Holidays Office Closing Dates

I am pleased to announce the days when our company will be closed for business for Christmas and New Year holidays as follows: We will be closed on Monday, 1 January, and Tuesday, 2 January 2018. Our regular working hours will resume from Wednesday, 3 January to Friday, 5 January and close again on Monday,…

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The problem with the first idea

The first idea is just that — first idea. Almost a gut reaction to the problem. Yet we often treat it as a final one. We stick to that one — first thought — give it a lot of love, refine it, nurture it and defend it. Until it proves to be wrong. And we get frustrated.

Janko speaking the truth. And it only makes sense, because if you limit yourself to a single way of solving a design problem, it’s going to be precious to you, and if it turns out to not work so well you’re going to have to go back and come up with another one. To some this may not be an issue, but to a lot of us it’s a psychological step back, an admittance to defeat even.

As the years pass I am more and more convinced that starting lo-fi and exploring many directions is the way to go. Not only do you get the benefit of being able to compare different solutions to a problem, but the client management ends up being much easier as a consequence of a more transparent design process.


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Staff picks #6

It’s been a while since we did one of these. Sorry about dropping the ball, lets try and get back to regular programming. Enjoy this collection of visual awesomeness.

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Automagical layer naming (video demo)

Pixelmator Pro uses machine learning for naming the layers according to their contents. Pretty awesome considering they are positioning themselves as the tool for touching up images.


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6th Startup Academy by StartIt

The Startup Academy has birthed some of Serbia’s most successful IT companies and products — some of which are our clients too.

This year, for the 6th time people have the chance to apply and win a grant of €20,000.00 EUR for kickstarting their startup. As was the case in previous years, the contenders will be in the company of successful entrepreneurs such as Ivan Aksentijević, Branko Milutinović of the awesome Nordeus, and Vukan Simić of FishingBooker.

Also, this year yours truly (Dragan Babić) will be giving a talk to the contenders on a very interesting topic regarding founders and the mistakes they most often make from a product design perspective.

Applications are being accepted until November 9th, and you can sign up on the Startup Academy website.


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Doberman culture

What a cool way to present a narrative. At first I was like WTF, than when I figured it out I really enjoyed it and appreciated how it works.

A lot of times we choose to stay safe in the box out of fear that people will not understand and refrain from using a product just because it’s not familiar. We definitely — as an industry — need to invest more time in exploring alternative ways of interaction, the Web is boring enough as it is.

Let’s kick off an interaction avantgarde where we won’t be so constrained with the rules of usability, and encourage exploration, and curiosity in digital products.


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Chaos organized! A brand new ECM system by Aligni

Have you ever gone to the party wearing the smartest outfit in your closet and discovered that everyone was casually dressed? Or have you ever shown up at a party a day earlier (or a week as it happened in our case) just to discover that the date was wrong? Well, these things do happen…

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#10yearsofsprawsm – the party

September 1 2017 marked Superawesome’s 10 year anniversary, and we decided to throw a little get together for all the people close to the company, including some of our local clients.

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CSS in JavaScript

Let’s just all agree that CSS does not belong in JavaScript.

A few other reasons the article doesn’t state:

  • your entire front-end gets obfuscated into this mess of abstractions,
  • you lose the caching (but on the other hand you gain in element lookup time, so there’s that),
  • no pseudo elements,
  • bloated DOM,
  • need more rendering time and browser processing from VDOM (if you’re using e.g. React).

Say no to CSS in JS!


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Make your date shine bright like a diamond

As with all the services in today’s hectic world, booking tables at restaurants has become a common thing – it saves time significantly and gives you a sense of relaxation as you are just one click away from a wonderful dinner in great company. Diamond Tables is an online tool which makes it possible to…

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10 years of Superawesome

They say time flies when you’re having fun. Well, there definitely were fun times in the past ten years, but most of what I remember is hard work. Not that we’re complaining, though.

Heads-Up! is the blog of Superawesome which is a tiny design shop located in Novi Sad, Serbia.

You will find we post a lot about the business side of design, as well as sharing updates about the shop, and hyping stuff we found on the Web.