Unicorns and glitter

The visual identity of DigitasLBi is a perfect example of not taking yourself too seriously. Special unicorn treatments for each city is a cool bonus.

Via Brand New.

Sublime Text/Atom/VS Code snippet generator

This is a useful tool to help you create code snippets for Sublime Text/Atom/Visual Studio editors. It’s incredibly timely that I have stumbled on this link seeing that we are in the process of creating Mustra components in Pug. Having easy access to them through code snippets will be awesome for our front-end development process.


Now this is an interesting device. It’s basically a Kindle that you can draw on, with a proprietary display which is supposedly the best thing out there — when it comes to black and white drawings at least.

It does tick all the boxes for a notebook/book reader replacement, the only thing I’m not sold on is the name, especially the weird spelling. Can you imagine saying “Hand me my reMarkable, please”? Yeah, me neither.

This week we have a bit of interesting reads, some cool CSS techniques, and some nice design for you to enjoy.


We’re back with the second edition of staff picks series. We’ve got fonts, illustrations, websites, and a little bit of trivia for you guys this Friday.


We’re kicking off a new thing called “Staff picks” where we’ll be collecting interesting links from around the web and sharing them with you on the Heads-Up! blog.