How is Superawesome different?

A designed agency. Not a design agency.

Yes, we can make you an app, or a logo, or a website.

The thing is, we are not too crazy about being in the business of performing labor for a fee, be it design or otherwise.

But, we are very much into being in the business of finding creative ways of overcoming challenges which are keeping our clients at a distance from their success.

Some of these challenges can be solved through design, and that's great. Others require different approaches, and we do what we need to, to get the job done.

The show must go on.

Probably the first thing one learns when they start providing professional services, is that in reality there are no “easy” or “simple” projects. There is always complexity behind each collaboration, it's just that sometimes it lies in the outcome, and sometimes it's in the process itself.

When this complexity lies in the outcome, a clear path to success would be to ensure there is a certain degree of expertise in place so a satisfactory result can be produced. Facilitation of this process is rather simple, and the effort quantifiable.

No fuss.

However, when the complexity lies in the process itself, this is where things get tricky. It's much harder to quantify the effort in this case, since it's no longer the time, or the labor you are accounting for, but the value which you provide through your expertise. The input is no longer proportional to the output — the value being generated. It's a lot harder to put a number on that.

So, fuss…

In essence we are a digital product design agency, at least that’s how we are usually describing ourselves as. This implies that the focus point of our work is around software. More precisely we usually describe this as “the part of technology you are able to see and have feelings about”.

While this is absolutely, and undoubtedly true, it's only one side of the story.

Yes, we're usually producing a tangible deliverable in the form of a product or an asset. But, we are also taking responsibility for maximizing our work's impact by committing ourselves to our clients' success by helping them overcome any obstacles along the way.

These obstacles are the quirky, messy, weird, inappropriately timed challenges which traditionally set up design agencies usually don't deal with.

Well, we do.

We’re here to solve problems you didn't even know you had.

Design is a straight-forward task provided you know what the problem is. We've already defined this dynamic where the complexity lies in the end-result, ergo the design work itself. As such, the service of design has been commoditized.

Since good design work is assumed, we are focusing on operating in environments which don't provide the safety net of the known problem. Making things in these contexts takes a much different approach, and a completely different set of skills. We think this type of work will never be commoditized.

It's not unusual for clients to approach us with a request for a specific thing which they believe is the solution to their problem — a website, an app, a better logo — more often than not end up with something else entirely. This is because our methodology requires us to work from the bottom up in order to first identify the problem, and only then decide what the solution should be, and in which form it should be implemented.

Not to mention that digital products tend to live on beyond their launch, and each part of their lifecycle brings its own set of obstacles we help our clients overcome.

We’re still just designers, after all.

We're still making “stuff”. Mostly through designing experiences for people using digital products.

But what we also do — and perhaps more importantly — is everything else required to positively impact our clients' business. Sometimes it's not even related to design, but it's always a necessary and important part of the process.

Some people will draw a parallel and call this type of approach “design thinking”, or “digital transformation”. We're not too big on those monikers, but we're not really against using them, either.

Whatever gets the job done.

Thank you for your interest in what we do.

In case what you just read resonated with you in any way, you may want to hop on over to the main website, perhaps check out our work, and eventually read a bit more about how we work.

Finally we’d very much like you to get in touch.


Dragan Babic.