We are a tiny design studio that’s been in operation since 2007, working with clients from all over the world. We are Superawesome.

Are you wondering why should you hire us?

Design is a skill that is best cultivated in a collaborative environment, and Superawesome provides that for us.

Integrating design into your company is not a small task, and having a full time designer on staff in your company is just one of the steps you can take in order to begin. Supporting, and managing a whole design team is a completely different beast.

As an agency that’s there for you on demand or on schedule, we possess a wide variety of skills needed to design a product from scratch, get it to market, analyze and learn, and then repeat the process and improve.

Our main advantages remain our company culture, vast experience with multifaceted projects, and a team in which each individual brings their own strengths to the table.

It’s something we’ve been striving for and nurturing for years.

Our services

We like to challenge everything: from the business model, to design assumptions and decisions. Our job is to help people sort out and launch new ideas, improve existing products, or even completely rethink them.

We make your business’ goals meet your users’ needs, because we understand that they both are equally important.

  • User experience design
  • Workshops & training
  • Design research
  • Prototyping & testing
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Front-end development
  • CMS & eCommerce
  • User interface design
  • Graphic design & branding
  • Marketing asset production

Our method

Over the years we've developed a rather straightforward methodology of running design projects according to their requirements, and context they are in, where we set them up in one of the two ways available.


These projects are complex, open ended, and require a special attention to detail which requires a lot of iteration and exploratory work. Some times they don't even end.


Closed-scope projects which we can bill with a fixed fee, and can set a deadline to. Suitable for projects where budgets are sensitive, time is scarce, and the accent is on the execution instead of exploration.

Pardon our candor, but we believe it's best if we're on the same page.

We're going to get along great if you…

  • Understand the value of design, and view it as a differentiator with actual business value that can benefit your company.
  • Are able to discuss design from the user's perspective, and leave personal preferences aside.
  • Have metrics that will guide us in the design decision making.
  • Can make yourself or assign someone to be available for us to ask questions and consult.

We probably won't be the best fit if you…

  • Think of design as the final step of a project that makes it look nice.
  • Have a habit of setting tight or unrealistic deadlines.
  • Are more likely to suggest solutions, instead of asking questions.
  • Think that design is a type of magic dust that turns bad products into good ones.
  • Are looking for the cheapest offer.

Ready to talk shop?

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We ❤ founders

First of all, we are at peace with the fact that we know less than you — and other stakeholders — do about your product and market, especially when we’ve just gotten on board a project.

In fact, we use this to our — mutual — advantage, because we will include you in the actual process, especially early on. Sure, sometimes it is useful to conduct independent research, but nothing beats the expertise a stakeholder who is an industry expert can bring to the table.

This doesn’t mean we will rely on you to — or even let you — run the design process, but we will need you to be present, provide insight, and share knowledge.

However, there are situations where you will feel inclined to take the lead, even for just a little bit, and that’s OK. We believe that founders have a sense of intuition that is hard to beat sometimes. It comes from that same knowledge, and time spent in the industry that has honed your senses, and made you able to predict things.

We don’t want to fight that founders’ intuition. We encourage it instead.

Too often designers get obsessed about owning the design. At Superawesome we don’t consider the design is ours to own.

Design is a collaborative effort between us as the design experts, and you as investors, stakeholders, and domain experts. Let’s see what we can do together.

We are not in the design business. We are in the business of finding creative ways of overcoming challenges which are keeping our clients at a distance from their success.

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Our clients


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  • Exalted Solutions

Gaming & eSports

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  • G2 Esports
  • Digital Arrow
  • WinOnline
  • Dojo Madness

Fashion & Apparel

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  • Medishirt
  • SlowFashionFast
  • SnipSnip Fashion

Hardware & Manufacturing

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  • BitGear


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Architecture & Construction

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  • NCFL

Healthcare & Fitness

  • Popovic Dental Center
  • Health Club


  • Eyecall marketing
  • Lemons & Olives
  • Villa Runolist
  • Video City Guide

Charity & Non-Profit

  • Neven Subotic Stiftung
  • Gradic Fest


  • Erste Bank

Food & Beverage

  • Coca-Cola